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The NCRMA is a member-centric organization that covers what insurance carriers won't.

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The NCRMA is a Member-Centric Organization

  • Join this free association for your cannabis business to be eligible for the members-only, comprehensive insurance solution, available in 2019.
  • Access the exclusive risk management products offered by our service partners to mitigate your business' risk and save money.
  • Take ownership of your insurance and treat it like an investment.

Our Comprehensive Insurance Solution Covers what Insurance Carriers Won’t

  • The NCRMA will work with your team to ensure you have the coverages you need.
  • Receive the credit you deserve for your risk management practices.
  • Fewer claims and lower costs in our association risk pool allows for superior insurance coverage and rates.

The NCRMA Represents Our Members Best Interests

  • The NCRMA focuses its efforts on insurance and financial regulations that benefit licensed cannabis business owners.
  • The association supports the STATES Act of 2018 to remove the threat of Federal intervention.
  • The association lobbies to reform the 280-e tax to alleviate the costs of running a cannabis business.

Ask your broker whether they have access to distribute the NCRMA product.

Once registered, NCRMA members will have access to exclusive product offerings from NCRMA service partners ProTect-All Solutions, Pineapple Payments, and FifthWall Solutions as well as the association insurance solution (available in early 2019).

For a list of approved NCRMA brokers or to find out how to become and approved broker, please contact Deputy Director, Charlie Hunter, at

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