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The NCRMA will drive the provision of an array of services from qualified professionals that can mitigate your risk exposure and provide better coverage limits from your insurer. These NCRMA supported products will deliver the first cannabis-based insurances that meet the goal of INCLUSION not EXCLUSION.

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Scroll through these action steps to see how each of the three partners work to protect
MEMBER assets and mitigates costly risk exposures.

Membership costs are currently covered by the NCRMA to encourage early adopters to provide critical input to shape our various offerings. Insurance coverages and other risk management products are reserved for members only.

Members employ NCRMA Member Services for discounts and promotional offers from the growing list of service partners.

The NCRMA works with its members, partners and other external businesses and agencies in pursuit of group insurance coverages and other risk management products that will drive “INCLUSION AND NOT EXCLUSION” to its members.

Access member-only exclusive insurance products.

Endorsements are added to the coverages to reward the business for using proactive risk management strategies that employ NCRMA risk management tools.

With top-flight NCRMA driven risk management practices in place, the member reduces the frequency and severity of their claims.

The reduced claims by members protected by NCRMA vetted insurance drives further and more comprehensive coverage expansion

As NCRMA and its service partners’ products are expanded to push continuing risk mitigation to the member.

The rapidly growing NCRMA focuses its trade-association efforts to the interests of their members.

More effective risk management products and practices, inclusive insurance coverages and reformed regulations allow the member to redirect essential capital necessary for expanding and growing the business.

Members are kept up to date on risk management
products and given priority access to all featured offerings
from the association and our service partners.