The NCRMA Endorsed Captive Insurance Company


The NCRMA endorsed captive insurance company is an insurance company owned by the association.

It is called a “captive” because only NCRMA members are eligible to participate in the program.

Captive Insurance Benefits

  • Reduced transactional friction between insurer and insured
  • Member driven enforcement and control
  • Coverages customized to meet member’s needs
  • Profits returned to members in form of increased risk share, reduced premium and expanded coverage
  • Improved coverages
  • Increased capacity
  • Investment income funded claims reimbursement
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Expert claims control

TRICHOME™ is the product brand offered by NCRMA endorsed captive. It is a part of a series of membership benefits established to satisfy the critical needs of our members.

These membership benefits include a combination of endorsed insurance products, enforcement, risk control and innovative risk management not currently available in the cannabis market.

Risk Management Solutions for Dispensaries & Associated Grow Facilities


  • TRICHOME™ Insurance Products
  • Innovative Risk Control
  • Cannabis Risk Prevention Platform (CRP²™) Tailored Specifically For Cannabis Risk Definition and Mitigation
  • Dedicated and Knowledgeable NCRMA Appointed Broker Distribution Network
  • Limited Distribution Through Vetted and Appointed Broker Partners
  • Streamlined Application Process
  • Clean Insurance Policy Form Language
  • ISO Based With Proprietary Enhancements
  • Ease Of Transaction
  • Underwriting and Risk Management Teams Experienced in Cannabis Risk

 Insurance Coverage Overview

The coverages below represent the initial TRICHOME™ product offering. Additional lines of coverage and expansion up the cannabis vertical will take place through 2021.

*All insurance commerce is the responsibility of The Clipeum Group CA License: 0F 27917

For more information, reach out to Rocco Petrilli at [email protected]