Cannabis Lounges – @ a zip code near you?

by aman

August 5, 2019

Well maybe not yet, but soon. The conversation around cannabis lounges is heating up and there are cannabis lounges beginning to pop up in certain parts of the country. Lowell Farms, California’s first cannabis lounge, is scheduled to open in September. In January, tasting rooms and café’s will be legal in Colorado. Juneau, AK just recently approved onsite consumption while Massachusetts is in serious discussion to permit these lounges.

From where I sit, it is still hard to imagine these lounges being as ubiquitous as the local watering- hole, yet here we are, talking about the number of states where these lounges will be a reality; closer to sooner than later.

I have heard people ask about the need for these lounges?

My son is a skateboarder and he laments that all of the best places to skateboard do not allow it. Just look around at all of the NO SKATEBOARDING signs; they are everywhere.

I guess it is the same with Cannabis. While it is legal in many states, the signs can be seen everywhere prohibiting consumption on or near the premises of establishments like dispensaries, bars, hotels, restaurants, etc. Or maybe, just like “Norm”, they want to go to a place where everybody knows their name.

Whatever the reason, we can expect to hear a lot more about the cannabis lounges and how soon they will open in a zip code near you.

Dawna Capps-Evans


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