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Managing Risk in Challenging Times

The NCRMAcademy is proud to partner with Hemp Industry Daily on its report and webinar on managing risk in the hemp business during challenging times. Download the report and register for the free webinar here.

Get certified in Cann-San through the NCRM Academy

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Insurance Predictions for 2020

David M. Kennedy, Esq. from Purple Risk Insurance Services shares his five insurance predictions for the cannabis industry. His first prediction: Product liability risk and premium increases.

Defining the Industry

AlphaRoot offers industry insights in a detailed whitepaper.

Making our members better through education, support and expertise. 


How we can help
your cannabis business.


We offer our members innovative risk management training and strategic partnerships to grow and sustain their businesses.

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Our extensive education and robust risk management practices have been designed to lower claim rates for NCRMA member policy holders.

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The NCRMA’s Appointed Broker program is the only dedicated, cannabis-vetted and appointed broker program in the country. 

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We are the nation’s only dedicated cannabis risk management association.

Our vision is to offer innovative risk management services that will enable our members to thrive from seed to consumer in the emerging cannabis industry.

      • Pioneering, original, ground breaking risk management platform
      • Non-traditional offerings for non-traditional industry
      • Insurance companies and banks offer you risk management that is best for them. The NCRMA offers that which is best for you





      Who should join the NCRMA?

      • All cannabis-related businesses 
      • Individuals who work for a cannabis-related business
      • Member associations who are involved in the cannabis industry
      • Anyone who is a member of other cannabis-related associations 
      • Companies who provide services to cannabis-related businesses

      Why join the NCRMA?

      • Experience member benefits and become a better business owner
      • Access to expert knowledge of insurance and risk management products
      • Acquire cannabis industry risk management focused training
      • Receive NCRM Academy training and certification
      • Benefit from networking through regional chapters and cannabis community forums 
      • Access to an association owned captive 
      • Chronic Risk™ podcasts offering insights and resources from cannabis industry leaders
      • Discounted rates on all NCRMA events
      • Connection with our Service Partners who provide industry expertise via an innovative risk management platform, CRP²™.

      Expert Risk Management 

      Eligibility for NCRMA Risk Management Certification developed by financial services and cannabis industry risk experts.


      Rewards for Risk Mitigation

      Policy holding members are rewarded for using proactive risk management strategies and tools that improve claims performance and make their businesses more successful.


      Access to State-of-the-Art Risk Mitigation Tools 

      Cannabis Risk Prevention Platform (CRP²™) provides streamlined risk prevention for cannabis operations.


      Better Use of Capital

      Economic solutions for best use of funding.


      Discounts and Promotional Offers

      Members only insurance coverages and other risk management products, discounts and promotional offers from service partners.


      Marketing and Showcase Exposure

      With your NCRMA membership comes maximum marketing exposure through internal networking events, association networking events, social media, digital marketing and industry focused conferences.



      Key Association Efforts

      NCRMA focuses on making members better through education, support and expertise.


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