National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services Launches As Independent Risk Management Company For Cannabis Companies In Need

August 9, 2021


Denver CO  (August 9, 2021) – National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services (NCRPS) has launched as a new and separate entity whose purpose is to expand and increase the sustainability of the cannabis industry by providing proven risk management products and services needed to the entire cannabis market.


“The launch of an independent risk management advisor that is separate from any direct or inferred insurance purchase obligation is a direct response to lessons learned in the cannabis industry and our full commitment to informed improvement and sustainability,” said Rocco Petrilli, President.


“Since entering cannabis, the connecting theme of our businesses has revolved around the Theory of Abundance,” stated Petrilli. “Simply interpreted, before being concerned about dividing the pie, one must first determine its ultimate size. In cannabis, anytime someone does something to improve the sustainability of the market without concerning itself about its ‘competition’, they, in fact, increase the size of the pie. NCRPS will make the pie bigger with resilient risk mitigation and management product offerings.”


NCRPS has recruited risk management authority Diana K. Daubenspeck as its Vice President to assist in leading the new business. She will partner with Alex Hearding, Chief Risk Management Officer and Dr. Brenda Wells, Dean of The NCRM Academy. Hearding is recognized as one of the true cannabis subject matter experts with specialties in comprehensive safety and health practices along the entire cannabis vertical.


“I have spent the better portion of my adult life understanding cannabis, developing and devising methods of improving its high-quality production safely,” added Hearding. “ My major concern is that the need to properly react to risks and threats are being artificially blanketed by the exuberance that accompanies the market. Growing product quality recalls (and multiple plaintiff attorneys), repetitive instances of compliance violations, poor performing businesses, predatory service providers and overstated valuations, all prove that not only are sharks in the water, but they are entering the shallows…where the swimmers are. Swift and powerful risk management is the only means of driving them out.”


“Innovative risk management has several key components which determine its power and implementation speed,” stated Daubenspeck. “Education, portability, on site engagement, measured results and a solid base of recommended actions designed to drive risk mitigation immediately upon its identification are the most important. My decision to join the NCRPS leadership team was based primarily of the existence of these components.”

Dr. Brenda Wells, Dean, NCRM Academy, who is widely recognized as the USA’s leading academic thought leader and educator in risk management, further stated that in every successful development of an innovative risk management curriculum, the schools created a program  because the industry demanded it. “The insurance agents, brokers and companies all spoke in a unified voice to say, ‘We value this, we need it, and we’ll do what we have to, to get it.’ As a result of the NCRMA’s initial efforts, we are beginning to hear these cries coming from cannabis and are well positioned to deliver the standard for risk management for the entire cannabis industry.”


About National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services (NCRPS)

The vision of NCRPS is to offer innovative and structured risk management assessment, education, and consultation to the entire cannabis industry to increase its sustainability. While common in many mature markets, risk management is in its infancy in cannabis. NCRPS was formed to swiftly advance its cannabis market penetration and, in doing so, make the pie bigger….



CONTACT         Alex Hearding, NCRPS Chief Risk Management Officer     

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