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NCRM Academy offerings are designed to keep members up to date on relevant topics and provide insights that can be applied to your cannabis business. With new courses being developed regularly at the direction of our members, our goal is to provide risk education to cannabis companies from experts across the industry.

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Cannabis Occupational Safety and Health 

Direct and indirect costs related to worker injury can be very expensive. Protect your most important assets, your workers, with courses designed and developed to keep workers safe.


Cannabis Product Safety

Product contamination is one of the major issues in the industry and if unchecked, can be detrimental to individual businesses and the industry as a whole. These courses are designed to help keep cannabis products safe at every step of the process and ultimately deliver a safe product to the customer.


Explore the Courses in this Curriculum:

* Course Coming Soon

Cannabis Disaster Preparation & Readiness

Planning and preparing for disasters will always be worth the time and effort. Many businesses believe that disasters won’t happen to them, but if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. These courses were designed to give you a foundational structure on how to prepare, plan and execute during times of uncertainty in the face of disaster.


Explore the Courses in this Curriculum:

* Course Coming Soon 

Cannabis Talent Optimization

The biggest risk in the cannabis industry comes from your employees. Having the right people in the right roles can make or break your business. Low morale and disgruntled employees can post the biggest risks in the cannabis industry. These courses are designed to help organizations develop a well-balanced and high functioning team.


Explore the Courses in this Curriculum:
  • *What is Talent Optimization?
  • *How to Foster Diversity, Equity, Inclusion in the Workplace
  • *Talent Strategy and Alignment
  • *Resilience/Lead Through Uncertainty
  •  *Guide to Successful Talent Acquisition

* Course Coming Soon

Cannabis Finance

Every business’s bottom line is important. These courses are designed to help you navigate through the complex rules and regulations of the industry while developing sound basic financing and accounting principles.


Explore the Courses in this Curriculum:

* Course Coming Soon

Cannabis Compliance

The cannabis industry is especially unique with the complexity of its rules and regulations. For businesses to succeed in this industry, they must adhere to complex and sometimes confusing rules that are ever-changing. These courses were developed to give you both a broad and specific understanding of the regulators and rules governing the industry.


Explore the Courses in this Curriculum:

* Course Coming Soon

Medical Cannabis

One of the greatest tragedies of prohibition is that benefits of cannabis have not been understood by science. Advent Academy and The Doctors Knox have developed world class medical courses to inform everyone from budtenders to doctors on the benefits of cannabinoids and the medical uses of this plant.


Cannabis Risk Management

Understanding the fundamentals of risk management and insurance as they pertain to the cannabis industry is imperative to establish a sustainable business. These courses are developed to give operators, consultants, and risk managers the skills to mitigate risk in this industry. These courses are a requirement in completing your Risk Management Certification.


Explore the Courses in this Curriculum:
  • Risk Management 101
  • Insurance 101
  • *Governance/Program Management
  • *Cannabis Business Operations
  • *Cannabis Quality Management
  • *Risk Identification and Mitigation
  • *Site and Facility Evaluation and Feasibility
  • *Facility Design
  • *CRPI
  • *CRPII

* Course Coming Soon

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