NCRMA Cannabis Security Statement

by aman

June 2, 2020

Enhanced safety and security in the cannabis industry during times of unrest…

The National Cannabis Risk Management Association advocates for peaceful protests and hopes for swift resolutions to injustice. We also believe safety people is paramount and are here to help the cannabis industry. As unrest grows, it can potentially bring violence, looting, and property damage. We advise that all cannabis businesses develop or enhance their Emergency Action Plan to include riots or public disturbances. This may include policies like:

  • If a disturbance occurs outside the facility, call 9-1-1 immediately.
  • All employees should remain inside the facility until it is safe to leave. 
  • If the looters enter the facility, immediately call 9-1-1.
  • Workers in other areas of the building should secure their work area to limit the looters’ access. Employees should not attempt to leave their work area unless advised to do so by the management or law enforcement.
  • General Precautions:
    • Stay calm
    • Do not become a spectator
    • If outside the facility, leave or avoid the area to prevent possible injury
    • Close drapes
    • Avoid window areas
    • Do not argue or debate with participants

We also advise that cannabis businesses develop or enhance their Workplace Violence Prevention Plan. This plan should include:

  • Procedures for following minimum security requirements established by state laws.  
  • Procedures for implementing consistent entry and exit controls, including sign-in and out procedures for employees and visitors
  • A zero-tolerance policy toward workplace violence, including workers, patients, clients, contractors, and visitors.
  • Applicable laws about assault and stalking in visible locations

Additional best practices during times of unrest

  • Minimize cash and inventory on-hand
  • Increase surveillance and alarm systems
  • Good lighting around the facility, especially near parking lots
  • Increase precautions during opening and closing
  • Limit store hours especially during nighttime
  • Limit product deliveries
  • Schedule multiple employees per shift
  • Train employees on
    • Appropriate robbery response
    • Use of safety equipment
    • Dealing with aggressive, drunk, or otherwise problematic persons

If you are looking for more information please reach out to the NCRMA at or Alex Hearding directly at Please stay safe and be kind to each other during these difficult times.

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