NCRMAcademy Launches to Offer Industry Training and Expertise

by aman

May 7, 2020

Free COVID-19 Hygiene Training Webinar Designed to Ensure Health and Safety of Cannabis
Employees and Customers Will Debut on May 14

Pittsburgh, Pa. (May 7, 2020) – The National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA) is entering the online education arena with an academy designed to offer its members training and resources needed to protect and grow their business.

The National Cannabis Risk Management Academy is a curriculum of courses and webinars delivered in partnership with SubjExs, an online portal and learning management system that provides users access to content from subject matter experts. SubjExs is a unit of The Regal Group, Inc., a Cincinnati-based firm which is a certified NCRMA service partner.

The academy’s debut event will be a presentation on cannabis hygiene and sanitation, developed in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The webinar, which takes place on Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 1:00pm ET, will cover specific hygiene and health hazards for cannabis businesses.

“As multiple states move to reopen businesses, we wanted to provide a resource to help cannabis owners ensure the safety of their employees and customers,” said Alex Hearding, NCRMA’s chief risk management officer and instructor of the hygiene webinar. “This debut course will cover a number of health protocols, including appropriate cleaning and disinfection practices, hygiene and hazard controls.”

The webinar event is a precursor to the release of the academy’s more in-depth online course, CANN-SAN, a course offered through SubjExs. NCRMA plans to quickly expand its portfolio of courses and events with the goal of providing a cannabis risk management certification. Hearding, a scientist and cannabis industry veteran, will oversee the educational program. Hearding has more than 10 years of experience starting marijuana businesses including license application, construction, operational development, and management application writing, facility design, policy and procedure development, occupational safety and health services, training and risk management.

“The cannabis industry continues to expand at a rapid rate and there are so many entrepreneurs and investors who can benefit from the knowledge and support that NCRMA has to offer,” Hearding said. “The curriculum that we are developing is in response to what our members have said they need, and it will be continuously updated to remain relevant.”

The NCRMA, founded in 2018, is a Pittsburgh-based non-profit organization with more than 2,000 members nationwide. Its focus is providing education, support and expertise to that membership so that it may thrive. In the past six months, the NCRMA has opened a western region office in Las Vegas, launched an industry podcast entitled Chronic Risk, and hired Hearding to buttress its training offerings.

“The NCRMA serves as a beacon for those seeking guidance in this emerging industry,” said Rocco Petrilli, NCRMA chairman. “We are excited about what this educational platform will mean for our members and the increased presence for our organization across the industry and the country.”

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