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Brenda Wells

Robert F. Bird Distinguished Professor / Director of RMI Program, East Carolina University

Risk Education Strategies


Dr. Jessica Knox, MD, MBA, MPH
Dr. Rachel Knox, MD, MBA
Dr. Janice M Vaughn-Knox, MD, MBA
Dr. David Knox, MD



Professional Cannabis Risk Manager Certification

NCRM Academy offers the Professional Cannabis Risk Manager Certification online. Covering a range of subjects such as occupational safety & health, compliance, medical cannabis, and talent optimization, our certification prepares students for the many risks of cannabis operations. Instructed by subject matter experts that are recognized and respected in their particular fields and the cannabis industry.
If you are a cannabis professional, or an aspiring professional, navigating your way into or through the industry, adding this designation can significantly boost your career prospects. Becoming a Professional Cannabis Risk Manager – commonly known as a PCRM – is a worthwhile goal as you plan your career.
Whether you are an experienced cannabis operator, compliance professional, safety professional, insurance broker, or if you are just beginning your career being a PCRM will make you stand out, in a crowded industry, and show your breadth and depth of knowledge in managing the numerous risks found in cannabis operations. Separate yourself from the crowd and show your current or future employer you are dedicated to keeping cannabis businesses safe and successful.

PCRM Bundle Introductory Offer

  • Regular: $1,995 - Sale: $995Includes 33 courses
  • 6 areas of focus
  • 26+ Hours of Education
  • 14 Contributing Educators
  • PCRM Online Exam
  • Certificate of completion

Introductory offer until 1/1/2023