April 15, 2019

The NCRMA Appoints Dawna Capps-Evans as Executive Director

The NCRMA is executing its vision as the member centric bridge along the seed to distribution network through coupled best-in-class risk management practice and offerings.

Pittsburgh, PA-- The National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA) has named Dawna Capps-Evans as its Executive Director. Capps-Evans is replacing Rocco Petrilli who has been performing in an interim role. Petrilli remains with the organization as its board chairman.

Capps-Evans joins the NCRMA with 25 years of experience in the Property/Casualty Industry in senior leadership roles focused on Specialty Underwriting, MGA/Affinity Programs and Risk Management.

Prior to launching WULF LLC, Capps-Evans spent 16 years at Travelers Insurance in various leadership roles; most recently as the P&C Leader in Sao Paulo, Brazil for Travelers newly created commercial insurance company in South America.

Capps-Evans holds the distinguished CRM (Certified Risk Manager) and CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor) designations.

“We are delighted to present an insurance professional of the caliber and depth of Dawna Capps-Evans to our rapidly growing membership ” said Petrilli. “Dawna’s knowledge and experience, coupled with her passion for inclusive insurance options for NCRMA members will drive the risk management service and education vital to the direction of our own collective association insurance product.”

Petrilli further commented, “Dawna’s decision to join our purpose represents a fundamental and essential step in our mission’s execution. Today marks a momentous day for all cannabis related companies industry wide.”

“Being an integral part of creating fair and comprehensive insurance driven by sound risk management practice is very important to me”, stated Capps-Evans. “I am excited to serve the NCRMA in this much needed endeavor and look forward to dedicating my time and energy to the risk management and protection needs of our members,”stated Capps-Evans.

About the NCRMA

The NCRMA is a member-centric organization that is committed to establishing an affordable, comprehensive insurance, risk management and business services solution for cannabis-related businesses.

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Contact: Dawna Capps-Evans

NCRMA Executive Director



February 15, 2019

The NCRMA Launches Cannabis Industry’s First Member-Centric Insurance, Risk Management and Business Services Solution

Member-based organization dedicated to cannabis retailers, cultivators, processors, and ancillary businesses.

Pittsburgh, PA-- The National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA) has unveiled plans to create the first, full-service insurance, risk management and business services solution for the cannabis industry.

What NCRMA Plans to Offer in 2019

The NCRMA will help members forecast, identify, evaluate and address financial risks. With access to customized products and services focused on risk management, the NCRMA members will enjoy unparalleled shelter in this emerging and evolving cannabis market.

“Our pledge is to represent the true interests of our association membership” said Rocco Petrilli, NCRMA’s Executive Director. “We will do this by organizing and providing our members access to the best “protector type” products and services available. If existing offerings don’t meet our high-level criteria as established by our membership, we will combine and create until we possess those that do.”

The NCRMA will provide members access to exclusive, affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage and risk management for marijuana and hemp retailers, growers, processors and ancillary businesses. The coverages will include:

  • Property Damage and Business Interruption for “all perils” including equipment breakdown, flood, earth movement, utility service interruption and other various sub-limited enhancement coverages;
  • Stock Throughput (seed to sale);
  • Crop;
  • General Liability, Products Liability and Professional Liability;
  • Cyber – First and Third Party;
  • Directors & Officers, Employment Practices, Fiduciary, and Crime;
  • Umbrella;
  • Auto Liability, Physical Damage and Cargo; and
  • Workers’ Compensation.

Additionally, the NCRMA will create exclusive and non-exclusive collaborations with companies who offer products and expertise (subject to additional fees, unless otherwise indicated) in key areas which currently include:



Membership Fees

Membership to licensed cannabis and support businesses is free. The NCRMA charter is not “fees from members” but maximizes membership and their input on risk product need.

How to Join:


Petrilli further commented, “We represent the interests of the association members who are cannabis business owners and their right to run their business under a sound risk umbrella. The NCRMA will forge solutions that promote inclusion of their needs for protection and not exclusion of these in the interest of others bottom line.”

About the NCRMA

The NCRMA is a member-centric organization that is committed to establishing an affordable, comprehensive insurance, risk management and business services solution for cannabis-related businesses. Led by Board Chairman, Rocco Petrilli, the NCRMA provides members with the resources, support and advocacy needed to mitigate risk and improve operations.

Members are kept up to date on risk management products and given priority access to all featured offerings from the association and our service partners.