What Is Risk Management? 

It is the standard practice of identifying, evaluating, tracking, trending and mitigating risk in business. 


It’s More Than Insurance

A common cannabis industry myth is that having insurance means you are managing risk but, in reality, that is only a small part of the risk framework. Effective Risk Management starts long before a claim is filed.  Whether you have one Risk Manager or an entire team, it is vital to the success of your business to know how to manage risk and control company exposure. What you don’t know can hurt you.


Is your business prepared for the unexpected?

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Our Approach to Risk

Risk Management

Focused Risk Consultation

Our core team of consultants have more than 75 years of experience in property and liability risk, cannabis operations, occupational safety, compliance, and agriculture.  Our level of expertise spans across the vertical from seed to consumer. In addition to risk consulting, we provide focused consulting services in the following areas:

  • Corporate compliance audits
  • Systems and operational efficiency
  • Talent acquisition and optimization
  • Risk management program development and implementation
  • Occupational Safety and Health program development
  • Customized employee training
  • Policy and procedure development

With offices strategically placed throughout the United States, our consultants are equipped to address your risk management needs. 

Virtual And In Person Risk Assessments

In keeping with Centers for Disease Control guidelines, we now offer both virtual and in person assessments. Both are comprehensive and powered by our cloud-based compliance and risk assessment tool. This unique process is used by underwriters, agents, brokers, and business owners to make informed decisions regarding risk and defensibility.


Risk Management

Digital Solutions

The Cannabis Risk Prevention Platform, CRP²™, was designed specifically to address risk in the cannabis industry in a holistic and comprehensive manner. With over 300 process data points, ranging  from Business Governance to  Inventory Control, CRP²™ identifies potential threats, produces a score card, and a detailed report complete with custom interventions and resources. CRP²™  is cloud based and can be easily accessed by your team to assess your operational strengths and vulnerabilities. This robust tool will be a valuable addition to your risk management framework.

Education And Training

The NCRM Academy was created out of passion for the industry and the need for expert level education and training for our members. We have eight course tracks covering all of the relevant topics in cannabis operations. Our courses are available on-line and can be completed at the learner’s convenience. In addition to the on-line curriculum, we also offer customized on-site training upon request. The Academy is an invaluable resource for your staff and will provide support and expertise to your Risk Management program. 

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The NCRMA is built upon a Risk Management framework of identifying, assessing, and providing solutions that will help you to mitigate the daily risks and hazards that you face. Our solutions are designed to:

  • Improve overall business results
  • Optimize daily operational efficiencies
  • Decrease unnecessary expenses
  • Increase the bottom line

Ready to set up a Risk Consultation to see how your business is performing?