The NCRMA announces an extension of its novel and unique Appointed Broker Program.

by aman

August 21, 2019

The National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA) today announced an extension of its novel and unique Appointed Broker Program.  This pioneering program, which was launched in response to member complaints of poor agent service and understanding, has provided NCRMA members with quality attention and expanded knowledge in the disheveled cannabis insurance market since its rollout in July 2019.

“Poor broker or agent service was an area of significant feedback from early NCRMA members” stated Rocco Petrilli, NCRMA Board Chairman.  “We took this input as a call to action from our members and implemented a process where we would vet and appoint brokers who we felt would best service our members’ many needs in seeking adequate coverages in this complicated and untrustworthy market.  The early results have been so fulfilling to these 2,000+ members that we have now decided to expand it past its original scope.”

In this program, the NCRMA staff works to qualify brokers financial strength, cannabis knowledge, service orientation, and future intent to assure that the appointed broker is a long-term player with the customer in mind.  Dawna Capps-Evans, NCRMA Executive Director, and Sandy Levenduski, Manager of Marketing and Member Services, are conducting numerous solicitations designed to identify and educate the brokers that fit this requirement.

“We very much enjoy speaking with these potential broker partners and understanding their issues as well”, said Levenduski.  “We learn from every conversation and use the information to improve the entire process and ultimate member service.”

The NCRMA offers two tiers of membership for appointed brokers.  These tiers offer various positions and services as well as discounts to the inaugural NCRMA association meeting currently being organized for March 2020.

Interested brokers should contact the NCRMA on the broker page of its website at:

The NCRMA is an association whose mission is to make its members better consumers of  insurance. We will accomplish this mission through the broad provision of sanctioned insurance products, coupled with risk management training, services, and service partner alignment.  The NCRMA will arm our members to successfully run their businesses and efficiently control their individual claims histories to assure the longer-term availability of high value and inclusive insurance coverages.

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