The NCRMA Announces First Sanctioned Insurance Product

by aman

July 1, 2019

The NCRMA is executing its vision as the member centric bridge along the seed to distribution network through coupled best-in-class risk management and insurance.

Pittsburgh, PA– The National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA), in keeping its commitment to its members, has issued its initial insurance sanction consistent with its mission of making members better consumers of insurance. Details of this offering can be found @,

“This sanction closes the loop on our comprehensive commitment to risk management and their insurance well-being,” stated Rocco Petrilli, Chairman of the NCRMA Advisory Board “We have answered our members initial call by not only supplying risk management knowledge and capabilities, but also through identification of insurance products and appointed brokers who are best positioned to provide this much needed service.”

While the initial insurance endorsement covers only dispensaries, the NCRMA is rapidly advancing its review of other products and is committed to include these in their immediate future endorsements. The current MGA, Conway E&S, also provides other outlets for these interim needs.

Petrilli further commented, “We said July 1, 2019 and we hit July 1, 2019. If this surprises you, we suggest that you get used to it. We will make a practice of making commitments and hitting our delivery dates as we advance the NCRMA mission …making our members better consumers of insurance.

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Dawna Capps-Evans NCRMA Executive Director

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