To All Valued NCRMA members

by aman

May 30, 2019

To all valued NCRMA members,

Thanks to all of you for your early interest and collaboration with the NCRMA. With your support, our membership has grown to over 1,800 with new advocates registering daily. The timely input on your differing but important risk management needs has created a wealth of information that we have used to chart our fundamental work. Your feedback has formed the risk management offerings we are now delivering to our association membership.

We recently announced the appointment of two key members of our leadership team, Dawna Capps-Evans as the Executive Director of the NCRMA and Sandy Levenduski as the new Manager of Marketing and Member Services. Prior press releases unveil exciting information about both Dawna and Sandy’s insurance and risk management background and how they will use their knowledge and experience to lead the NCRMA to the completion of our mission and the realization our vision. Their presence will be beneficial to all of us.

We have also recently launched our updated website at This virtual storefront is packed with information describing the cannabis insurance and risk management products that we are developing along with the timing for their delivery. The site also introduces our inaugural exclusive and preferred partners who bring a solid portfolio of products and services to the membership.

You will soon receive a membership pamphlet that will need to be completed and returned promptly, so that we may adequately offer you NCRMA products and services.

We are delighted to report that your days of struggling with inadequate risk protection for your cannabis businesses are numbered. The NCRMA is committed to turn your experiences of costly exclusion into a more pleasant and valuable inclusion with education, resources, and insurance product development.

We wish you all the best fortune in your business endeavors and look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with each of you.



About the NCRMA

The NCRMA is a member-centric organization that is committed to establishing an affordable, comprehensive insurance, risk management and business services solution for cannabis-related businesses.

How to Join

Contact: Sandy Levenduski

NCRMA Manager, Marketing and Member Services


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