Troy Dayton of the Arcview Group Featured on Chronic Risk Podcast

by aman

April 29, 2020

Troy Dayton of the Arcview Group joined the Chronic Risk podcast to talk about the next generation of cannabis-related businesses. At The Arcview Group, they believe that business is the most powerful platform for political change and that the development of a responsible, profitable, and politically-engaged legal cannabis industry will be the single biggest factor in hastening the day when not a single adult in the world is punished for this plant. With deep industry experience, The Arcview Group has ushered in the next generation of cannabis-related businesses with The Arcview Investor Network, Arcview Market Research, Canopy, Cannasure Insurance Services, and other ground-breaking ventures. Cannabis is the next great industry.

They look forward to building it with you. Troy Dayton spent 15 years working to legalize cannabis before founding Arcview in 2010 with fellow pioneer Steve DeAngelo. He also serves as chairman of the board of the Marijuana Policy Project and was formerly its chief fundraiser and among its first volunteers when it was founded in 1995. He is a founding and current board member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and he co-founded of Students for Sensible Drug Policy in 1998, which is now on over 300 campuses. Fortune Magazine, Details Magazine, and International Business Times all list Troy in their top 10 lists of the most influential people in the cannabis industry. In his free time, Troy enjoys Burning Man, karaoke, and participating in and leading personal growth workshops.

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