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ProTect-All Solutions

ProTect-All Solutions is a full service EHS and security company committed to reducing risk of injury and environmental impact by first establishing sound relationships with our clients that align with their core values and business philosophy. We then service our clients with a “boots on the ground approach” implementing sound and often technological and creative solutions to reduce risk while promoting a culture that embraces safety as a priority. Our educated team is devoted in serving our clients in a manner that incorporates and promotes the human element as the center of the EHS system. ProTect-All Solutions holds honesty and integrity as the center of our core values.

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ProTect-All, our exclusive loss control and safety program, provides both targeted and comprehensive consulting services for cannabis based businesses. We offer three primary services to NCRMA members:

Environmental Health and Safety Consulting

  • This service can target specific needs (such as forklift training or air monitoring), or it can include a comprehensive facility evaluation. We analyze standard operating procedures (SOP) and incident data to recommend a course of action for maximizing operational safety.

Risk Engineering

  • We analyze workplace culture and environment to identify safety risks and develop a culture of caution and responsibility through optimized SOP and employee education.

Leadership Training

  • We educate workplace leaders on how they can responsibly monitor their environment and employees to maximize safety and obviate workers’ comp claims. This service is a long-term investment in facility leadership.
Loss Control and Safety from ProTect-All


FifthWall is a team of skilled and experienced professionals who are passionate about protecting organizations from cyber security threats. We build strong relationships with organizations’ trusted risk advisors and provide them with cost-effective, comprehensive solutions. Our approach to cyber threat is multifaceted. As a result, our flagship product, CyberComplete, is an extensive risk management solution that addresses the human, technical, and financial elements of cyber liability.

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Cyber Education

This is a per employee, educational program designed to teach employees how to limit their exposure to cyber breaches. The majority of cyber breaches occur through human error (opening a malicious email or software) and thus cyber liability insurance can more easily be offered to businesses with properly trained employees.


Cyber Monitoring Application

This is a per computer, monitoring application that first evaluates whether the business’ system has been hacked in the past, then monitors to detect any future breaches or viruses. This is the technical, preventative measure to cyber breaches.


Cyber Crisis Hotline

This is a per business, cyber crisis hotline in which, once a breach has been discovered by the clientele, they can then immediately call the team at FifthWall to begin their plan of action to remedy the situation. Instead of the costs associated with calling legal counsel and hiring an investigative cyber security team, FifthWall can respond to the crisis immediately.

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Pineapple Payments

Pineapple Payments offers the most robust private label payment gateway on the market today. From processing options like gateway-only, merchant accounts, and ACH to value added tools like Invoicing and Quickbooks plugins, we have all of the payments tools you need to serve any merchant. Leverage our out-of-the-box platform or integrate our APIs. Use our merchant accounts or bring your own. Sell under Pineapple or your own brand. We are here to serve your needs, not ours.

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  1. Debit Card Processing- This product is only available to brick and mortar cannabis retailers with some form of banking account already established. Pineapple Payments does have the means to begin banking relationships on behalf of the client, but is ideally looking for companies with banking already set up. At under 5% transaction cost, the payment processing system is competitively priced and properly monitored for Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations. US- Based solution means there is no purchase of silver, no money laundering, involved in the processing. Omni channel solution means it can also be the PP for the attached coffee shop or general store.
  2. Credit Card Processing- This product is only available to eCommerce CBD stores featuring products with less than 0.3% THC, as well as for ancillary businesses in the cannabis space and smoke shops/ vape shops that distribute products through eCommerce. Often times the Paypal or other available processing platforms for cannabis related businesses require some sort of loophole in the company’s reporting in order for them to use them. This product is also competitively priced with today’s marketplace.
  3. Payment Processing Bundles- In addition to the two products outlined above, Pineapple Payments can bundle together the Point of Sale (POS) machines to process the transactions. These POS machines work with a central company computer and allow for loyalty programs. Loyalty programs and gift cards can be included in this bundle. Also available in the bundles is Kount Fraud Protection, a safeguard for the business payment card information that will keep the business safe in case of a breach.
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Pro Cannabis Media

Pro Cannabis Media is a Massachusetts-based media company dedicated to telling the true stories of the emerging cannabis industry through the real voices of those in the business. Pro Cannabis Media produces and distributes cannabis-themed podcasts, videocasts, live streams, and branded content from a diverse array of talented journalists, storytellers, anchored by its authoritative industry news and trend reporting, featuring In The Weeds with Jimmy Young and News Dabs.

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Tucker Arensberg

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Tucker Arensberg is a full service law firm with offices in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and New York City. Our clients are local, regional and national in scope. They include private and public companies in varied industries, including cannabis, financial institutions; energy; manufacturing; health care; construction; real estate; education; government and non-profit organizations. We are committed not only to helping our clients solve traditional legal problems, but also to addressing emerging subjects such as data protection, e-commerce and technology. Tucker Arensberg’s more than 70 attorneys are dedicated to developing a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses and industries, allowing us to deliver the superior level of client service that has been our guiding principle since 1900.

Tucker Arensberg belongs to a network of law firms across the country that can handle your cannabis business specific state needs. This alliance of legal expertise is available to all NCRMA members.

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Indiva Advisors

At Indiva Advisors our mission is to transform our expertise and understanding of the evolving cannabis industry into innovative, value-added solutions for our Clients, our business partners and our community. We offer Accounting Services including: Small Business Accounting, Compilations, Strategic Business Planning, New Business Formation and Business Structuring. Tax Services include: Tax Planning, Tax Preparation and 280e Analysis and Strategy, and IRS Audit and Defense. Indiva also provides Advisory Services from CFO Services, to Business Process Management, Internal Controls, Project Management Services, and Regulatory Compliance.

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Tetra Growth Systems

Tetra Growth Systems is the answer to your cannabis business licensing needs! Our team will help you navigate the often confusing and exploitative licensing process to help you start and grow your cannabis business and make you successful.

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